What services do accountants provide?

An accountant is a licensed professional who helps manage and record financial transactions for an individual, company or organization. This allows their clients’ to instead focus on their day-to-day operations. An accountant can help you with the following services:

  • Track payroll and bookkeeping
  • Planning for estate acquirement on behalf of a business
  • Planning for tax payments and strategies
  • Consultation on management and financial sectors
  • Overall consultancy on future financial measures and strategies

What services does a financial consultant provide?

Financial consultants are professionally trained experts on matters of all things finance. Their knowledge of the field makes them qualified to give guidance and advice to businesses based on their financial state. A financial consultant can help you provide the following services:

  • Assess and analyze the financial condition of a company
  • Advise on the purchase and selling of stocks
  • Manage both current and future tax payments
  • Analyze risks and opportunities by studying the market
  • Analyze potential investment plans for the company
  • Helps improve the business by reviewing daily transactions
  • Offers solutions to increase profitability


Is there a difference between a CPA and an accountant?

Yes, there are differences between a CPA and an accountant. A CPA (or a Certified Public Accountant) is an accountant who has passed the CPA exam, whereas an accountant has not. So, every CPA is an accountant, but not all accountants are CPA. CPAs also need to maintain their license with continuing education in order to keep up to date on changing rules and regulations.

Why should I hire an accountant/bookkeeper?

Accountants are trained professionals in the field of finance. They are knowledgeable about everything related to finances and have valuable services to provide for your business. Here are a few things an accountant will be able to help you out with if you were to hire them for your business:

  • Help maintain all business transactions for better clarity of the flow of funds through your business
  • Advise you on future financial decisions and strategies in order to expand and increase profitability
  • Help you with tax planning and strategies
  • Help you save money, time, and effort by shouldering major financial duties

What services does a CPA provide?

CPAs or Certified Public Accountants are specialized experts on matters of finance related to your business. These services include:

  • Compiling a company’s financial records
  • Non-attestation services
  • Internal auditing
  • Services related to taxation
  • Consultation regarding business and management
  • Designing internal control strategies

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept several different forms of payment so that our clients can choose their most preferred method. We accept the following:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Credit Cards

Can you help clean up my books?

Yes! Our team of experts is experienced and highly qualified to help you with any and all bookkeeping services. Our services come on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. You can opt for whichever service is most suitable for your business needs.

We can also aid you with other accounting services such as:

  • Maintaining a general ledger
  • Preparation of all financial statements
  • Financial reporting (compilation and preparation)
  • Digital services for payroll

How much tax am I required to pay?

The amount of tax your business is required to pay depends on various factors. For starters, we first need to determine what kind of tax your business needs to pay. It can be income tax, sales tax, property tax, and so on. The next thing to determine would be to understand what kind of an organization or business you own. Depending on these factors, we can help you know how much tax you’re required to pay.

What is the IRS Fresh Start Program?

The IRS Fresh Start Program is for taxpayers who owe the IRS a substantial amount of money. For people who have tax debt for the first time, the IRS Fresh Start Program is a second chance for them to pay back what they owe in comfortable installments. Here are a few features of the IRS Fresh Start Program:

  • Taxpayers who owe IRS $50,000 or less are eligible to apply for the IRS Fresh Start Program
  • The program offers the following means of payment— extended installment agreement over six years and an offer in compromise
  • No additional penalties or interests are incurred under this program

I am a small business owner. Are there any exemptions available to me?

Be it a small company or a large one, a good CPA will be able to help you with any and all tax exemptions available to you. If you own a small business, several exemptions may apply to you under various conditions and circumstances, such as:

  • Business insurance
  • Business meals
  • Business-related travel expenses
  • Office supplies

We can help you understand which kind of tax exemptions apply to you and how you can avail of those.

What are the penalties for not paying business taxes or obtaining an exemption?

There are many reasons you may be assessed a penalty while dealing with tax payments. The most common penalty is for a late payment or no payment at all. When businesses don’t pay their business taxes, the penalty is as follows:

  • The amount is calculated on the unpaid balance
  • The calculation starts from the due date of your tax installments to the due date of the business returns

How should I incorporate my business?

To incorporate your business is to register it with the government. By doing so, your business, services, and products get acknowledged by the government. There are various types of incorporations, and depending on the factors and characteristics of your business, you will need to incorporate your business under one such type. Our advisors are well-versed and knowledgeable about these things and can help you understand which category of incorporation is ideal for your business.